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Pre-feasibility Study

The aim of the exploration stage is to determine if there is a commercially exploitable geothermal resource and this will depend on the amount and quality of the data that can be gathered about the resource.  The initial step is to carry out a desktop study which will involve the collation and analysis of all the available existing data regarding the area under consideration and its surrounding environment, in order to define the resource and scope of the following exploration activities.


Depending on the level of data already available, the desk study is likely to be followed by field work. This will include a number of the following initiatives:

  • Geological mapping of important geological features in order to get acquainted to the geological structure of the geothermal system
  • Geochemical analysis of fluids from surface manifestations or shallow wells if available to get indications on the reservoir temperatures
  • Geophysical explorations, like resistivity measurements, gravity and seismic profiling where needed, to get better understanding of the subsurface features of the geothermal resource
  • Drilling of shallow exploration wells (usually 50-200 m) to measure temperature gradients in order to locate the up-flow zone of hot fluids in the geothermal reservoir

EGS Energy and its partners are able to provide a full range of services to make a geothermal development happen.  Project management from the start of the exploration phase through to resource management of the resulting geothermal resource development, this spectrum can be covered by EGS Energy depending on the requirements of the client.

We would be happy to provide you with further details should you require them as well as further credentials on the team and the various disciplines that we cover – from finance, environmental and permitting through to geology, geophysics, drilling and reservoir engineering.  For details of projects that have been worked on by us do get in touch.

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