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There is a large potential for energy from EGS Energy technology in the UK; this is predominantly in Cornwall.  There is a wealth of information available about the geology of Cornwall generally, and geothermal resources specifically, through the mining operations going back to Roman times and the work done at the UK EGS project at Rosemanowes in the 1980s.

The estimate at the time was that this resource had the potential for supplying 10% of the UK’s electricity needs for 200 years.  The surface heatflow in Cornwall can exceed 130mW/m² and is more attractive than anything in Australia. This high value is due to the decay of the radiogenic material in the SW England granite. It has been estimated that there is the capacity to produce over 35TWh per annum, or almost 10% of the UK’s electricity demand.


As well as the resources of suitable rock at reachable depths in North Eastern France and Western Germany, other areas of potential – as shown by higher levels of heat flow – include North Western Spain, North Western Italy, Serbia and Hungary.  In Germany and Hungary, the areas of interest for geothermal energy exploitation have so far concentrated on wet rock technology, not EGS techniques.

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