About EGS Energy

EGS Energy is focused on extracting the energy located deep in the granite rocks that are found in many areas throughout Europe, delivering it in the form of electricity and the heat itself.  EGS Energy brings together the leading European experts in the field of engineered geothermal systems, with over 70 years’ experience between them.

Based in Penzance, Cornwall, and with an office in London, EGS Energy will deploy its team’s extensive sectoral knowledge, gained over 30 years working with deep geothermal projects and in setting up of two geothermal plants in Germany, to work with clients to develop sites optimal for the creation of engineered geothermal systems.  These will initially be in Cornwall.

With its partners, EGS Energy is employing direct experience and know-how gained from operating engineered geothermal systems to its mission of enabling the exploitation of geothermal energy on a commercial scale, both as a developer and as a consultant.

EGS Global Group

EGS Energy entered into an agreement in March 2011 with three other leading companies in the geothermal sector: German BESTEC GmbH, GPC Instrumentation Process SARL of France, and Australia-based Hot Dry Rocks Pty Ltd.

The consortium saw great value in forming a strategic alliance and working together to lead the development of deep geothermal technology and projects.  The shared understanding between the four countries’ leading geothermal specialists will help develop the sector responsibly.

The four companies that make up the new EGS Global Group alliance are:

  • EGS Energy Limited, a UK company specialised in project development, finance, planning, marketing, geophysics; numerical modelling of reservoirs.
  • BESTEC GmbH, a German company expert in engineering, design of EGS systems, drilling, stimulations, reservoir analysis, operations.  www.bestec-for-nature.com
  • GPC Instrumentation Process SARL, a French company specialised in the exploration and development of low-medium enthalpy resources, design and engineering of geothermal district heating systems, sustainable reservoir management.  www.gpc-france.com
  • Hot Dry Rocks Pty Limited, an Australian company expert in worldwide heat resource exploration and assessment, resource modelling, rock property measurements.  www.hotdryrocks.com




EGS Energy has been working with a number of skilled professionals in taking forward its projects so far.  In addition to the core alliance of EGS Global Group, below are a selection of the companies and firms with which we have been collaborating:

  • Foot Anstey and Burges Salmon – Legal
  • Moorhouse Petroleum – Drilling Consultancy and HSE support
  • PKF Francis Clark
  • University of Exeter

In addition, EGS Energy is in advanced discussions with a number of key industry partners, who will be in a good position to support further the development of deep geothermal technology generally.

If you are interested in partnering with EGS Energy then please get in touch and we will respond to you as soon as possible.