The EGS Energy team has extensive experience working on all types of unconventional geothermal resource.  When combined with the skillsets and capabilities of the other members of the EGS Global Group the wider team is able to provide a comprehensive set of consultancy services that is able to take a project from definition to reality.

The EGS Energy team has a focus of working on engineered geothermal system projects, both lower enthalpy for district heating schemes and higher enthalpy for generation of electricity through the use of binary plants.

The geothermal engineers, geoscientists, geologists and other specialists in the wider EGS Global group have risen to all manner of challenges in recent years and provided innovative solutions for clients worldwide.

EGS Energy has relationships across the unconventional geothermal spectrum globally, from developers to industry players, all focussed on driving forward the geothermal agenda.  As an alliance, the EGS Global Group extends this reach significantly and is working on projects around the world.

Geothermal development

EGS Energy and its partners offer a comprehensive set of geothermal development services focussed on the unconventional geothermal sector, something that the team has been doing for a number of years. The EGS Energy team of geothermal specialists will cover all aspects of geothermal development from definition to reality.

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Drilling, design, engineering & Management

A crucial aspect of a geothermal development is to be able to put to engineer the underground reservoir and to deliver on the agreed sub-surface strategy. EGS Energy and its partners have experience over many years of achieving this on projects.

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Geothermal plant design

With experience in establishing unconventional geothermal plants in a number of different countries, EGS Energy and its partners are ideally placed to advise on the type of system required to maximise the economic potential of a specific geothermal resource.

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District heating

Geothermal district heating is the use of geothermal energy (in the form of hot water) to heat homes and businesses in a particular region by moving the heat from sub-surface reservoirs into homes and businesses. EGS Energy and its partners are able to provide advice in relation to geothermal district heating.

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