Staff Profile: Roy Baria

Roy Baria

Roy is a geophysicist by profession, with mechanical and electrical engineering qualifications. Roy’s experience include the managing, planning and development of Engineered Geothermal Systems (EGS) specialising in micro-seismic monitoring of EGS reservoirs, active seismic, development and characterisation of EGS reservoirs.

During his career in the British Geological Survey, Roy was seconded as a manager to the Camborne School of Mine’s Hot Dry Rock Programme at Rosemanowes in Cornwall, ending up as Deputy Director there, and then to the European EGS project in Soultz, France, as the Scientist in Charge and one of the three coordinators of the European Union (‘EU’) EGS project. Over 15 years, Roy was responsible for planning and implementing the EGS programme, co-ordinating scientists from various nations, preparing annual reports for the EU and developing diagnostic methods to evaluate EGS reservoirs.

A consultant now on EGS and associated technologies to various organisations in Europe, the United States and Australia, he is Technical Director and a founder shareholder of EGS Energy.