Drilling, Design, Engineering & Management

A crucial aspect of a geothermal development is to be able to put to engineer the underground reservoir and to deliver on the agreed sub-surface strategy.  EGS Energy and its partners have experience over many years of achieving this on projects.  From the 1980s onwards, the team can show a record of significant involvement with successful unconventional geothermal projects – as developers, consultants and academics - with a focus on drilling in hard rock to depths of 5,000m.

With the experience not restricted to simply one geography or geology, as a result the expertise developed by the team equips it to provide advice across a wide spectrum of projects today.  With the financing arranged for the development, EGS Energy and its partners are experienced in designing the detailed plan against which the funding can be applied.  This will include design work for the drilling, power plant and infrastructure, with contractors providing input for the facilities, civil works, engineering, procurement, construction and project management.  In working with contractors well known to the team over many years, EGS Energy is able to provide confidence to the client that the project will be moved forward to plan.

Specifically on the drilling side, examples of where EGS Energy and its partners would add value to your project - through doing it ourselves or through managing specialist contractors - include:

  • Well design
  • Well siting and pad preparation
  • Bid preparation and tender evaluation
  • Supervision of drilling contracts
  • Well and mud logging
  • Drilling engineering
  • Stimulation and associated reservoir creation techniques