Geothermal plant design

With experience in establishing unconventional geothermal plants in a number of different countries, EGS Energy and its partners are ideally placed to advise on the type of system required to maximise the economic potential of a specific geothermal resource.  These plants are environmentally friendly with low emissions and have been substantially tried and tested over recent decades, though there are efficiencies to be achieved yet as the designs are fine-tuned and new advances in technology are made.

Working as closely as we do with the small number of manufacturers of binary plant suitable for geothermal projects, EGS Energy is able to provide advice to a client on the approach to be taken to sourcing this key element of the surface strategy in the development.  The plant to be used on a resource will depend both on the sub-surface strategy and the resulting energy recovered, and the surface strategy, which will be driven by the demand for heat and/or power.  With the appropriate power plant installed, a geothermal resource will turn from being a drilling project only to a development that can generate an income and justify the funds expended in the engineering of the reservoir.

Through its accumulated experience, EGS Energy and its partners are confident of providing advice on the on-going operations of a project, after its commissioning and when it is delivering on its promise as a source of sustainable, clean heat and power.  Under a normal maintenance regime and with a sensible approach to managing the reservoir, an unconventional, engineered geothermal system is designed to work with minimum overhead for an extended period into the long term.